Atlanta SCP

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<size=12>Welcome to Atlanta SCP! We are a gaming community dedicated to creating unique, engaging, and most importantly fun experiences while staying true to the vanilla game.

We host frequent events and tournaments at! Our discord is a great place to chat & send memes with fellow community members, as well as staying updated on the most recent Atlanta announcements and updates.

Running a Secret Lab server is not free, and therefore we are extremely grateful for any donations we receive. Consider supporting our project for exclusive supporter perks; you can donate at We include perks such as custom in-game badges, rainbow tags, exclusive content, custom discord role, and much more.

Server Rules

<size=15>1. Treat all players in ths server with kindness and respect all players. Disgouraging toxic behavior. We strictly forbid racism, sexism or any form of discrimination towards any of the server members, Violators will face harsh consequences.

We stricly prohibit DDoS, doxing, hacking, or threats towards any staff or member. If you do not follow these rules you will face consequences, we try to keep a safe and enjoyable playstyle in this server.

Mic spamming, ear rape, and excessive disruptive sound use are prohibited. Soundboards are allowed, but you cannot play it in spectator chat, scp chat, radio we will also tell you if its to loud, you can play it in proximity chat but not to loud. If it says anything related to a Hate-Speech you will face consequences.

All players must follow the instructions and decisions made by the moderation team. Disregarding their guidance may result in consequences.

Diliberate sabotage of your team, such as closing doors is not allowed. Not following this rule may result in consequences

Do not Meta-Gaming using other texting/calling platforms, such as Discord, snapchat, instagram, telegram etc. In-game knowledge and communication should stay within the game as it makes it a fair gameplay for others.

Do not stay in one area for extended periods. Players should engade in active gameplay and stop distrupting other players experiences.

Do not KOS (Kill on sight). This goes for handcuffed D-Class, handcuffed Scientists really any human class. Let them have a chance at surrendering.

MTF And CI are not allowed to team, ever.

<color="blue"><size=45>Server Plugins
The plugin list is in #gameplay-changes channel in our DISCORD

<size=20><b>Contact Us
If you find someone violating our server rules, please report them using the default "N" keybind in-game, but we recommend reporting them via discord with evidence if we did not see the violation:

Atlanta Contact Email:
[email protected]