Hi! Welcome to Nova's Facility

Discord Server:

1) No slurs or hate speech regardless of race or LGBTQ+ status
2) If you would like to appeal a ban, please book a ticket in the discord server
3) Glitches are allowed, unless told otherwise by staff, however, using 3rd party software to exploit the game is not (Don't hack)
4) Attempts to DDOS are against federal law and will be reported to law enforcement agencies with your info
5) Do not suicide or leave the game to avoid being an SCP
6) Do not purposefully get teammates killed
7) Mic spamming or trolling is not allowed (playing music is okay unless you are an SCP or spectator. If you are asked to stop by staff then do so)
8) Do not kill cooperative players in cuffs
9) Teaming is not against the rules if you are not holding up the game

This is an LGBTQ+ owned server, so discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.