Welcome to Kurva Gaming!
Please follow the rules and have fun!
-No Harassment
-No homophobia, racism, sexism,transphobia, or any type of hate speech towards a certain group
-No ear-rape or mic spam; Playing music is fine (although if staff asks you to stop, stop.)
-Closing doors is ok (although you are allowed to be teamkilled after 4 doors being closed), but do not be excessive
-Do not beg owners/staff for class change, special roles, etc.
-Teamkilling is not allowed unless under these circumstances; Someone closing 4 doors, someone killing a detainee, someone steals your items in 914, someone is teaming with other SCP’s to get their same class killed (these have a 15 second time limit to teamkill after the action occurs however), and self defense
-Mass Team Kill (killing 3 or more people purposefully) is not allowed
-Do not purposefully delay rounds (sitting in a room, purposely avoiding confrontation, or repeatedly stopping nuke after being told to stop [verbal warning after 1 minute, despawn after 2 minutes])
-All teams can team up with SCP’s and Chaos besides MTF/Guards
-Any forms of doxxing, hacks, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden
-Stream Sniping is not allowed
-Do not join with a offensive/harmful/attacking username
-Do not use glitches/exploits to gain an advantage
-Do not suicide as an SCP just because you don’t wish to play them
-Do not attempt to find loopholes in the rules
-Do not breach Steam’s Terms of Service
-For additional rules visit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CYZG_QggNwQ9bNNvrXeS7pl1iZ8sP21PSkrdZcfHc_E/edit?usp=sharing
If you have any specific questions about the server or rules, feel free to ask staff instead of getting angry at others

-Discord Link: DISCORD

Kurva Gaming Servers run by Roxyyy136