<size=40>Server Rules:

1. No mic spam, soundboard is okay just don't play annoying/earrape stuff.

2. If you are using a soundboard ONLY use it in proximity chat. <color=#a3a3a3>(No use in SCP, Spectator, or Radio Chat)

3. Soundboard on intercom is okay as long as it follows rule 1a and is good. (NO GENERIC MEMES. WE HAVE HEARD NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP 1000 TIMES)

4. Don't be racist. (This includes use of ANY racial slurs)

5. Chaos/D-Class CAN team with SCPs but you do not have to.

6. SCPs can show mercy to unarmed personnel such as D-Class or Scientists but do not have to.

7. Don't Ghost, Cheat, Exploit, Delay Rounds, etc. (Standard common sense stuff)