Welcome To Rampant Warriors US-East Servers

[No Spawn Tickets, Limited Sprint, No Friendly Fire]

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</color>Game Rules
</color><size=10>The majority of our reinforcement comes from common civil human interaction. Act the same as you would in a public environment as in our servers. These rules are not in any order of degree, every rule is as important as the last.

</color>1.) No discrimination of any minorities, the terms will not be banned unless they are used in a discriminatory context. Racial Slurs are still banned completely.

2.) Loud mic spam is a bannable offense. Mic-spam allowed over intercom if audio or music isn't at high volume levels or doesn't have low sound quality causing stain to ears seeming like static, distortion or treble pitchy. If not acceptable, could be forced to spectator for warning.

3.) No disarming your teammates (Guards, Scientists, MTF or Chaos, D-Class).

4.) No holding up the round (i.e. being low health as SCP-106 so you hide in your spawn so no one can get to you).

5.) Do not disrespect or impersonate admins.

6.) Follow the instructions of admins.

7.) No excessive bullying (i.e. server wide KOS on someone due to their gender or age and severe verbal abuse) bullying excessively does not mean making fun of someone once or twice, it means constantly abusing someone over multiple rounds.

8.) No hacking/exploiting the game.

9.) Do not encourage people to break the rules.

10.) Do not make threats towards the game server or the discord server.

11.) Do not spawn camp. We define spawn camping as just sitting at the enemy spawn waiting for them to spawn, you are still allowed to kill a spawn if you walk by and they start to spawn.

12.) Do not abuse the in game report system. It is there to assist the playerbase, not a way to shitpost to the staff

Please note that admins should give you two warnings before you get kicked/banned, if you feel this was not the case, feel free to report them in #admin-abuse-reports or ask about it in #support-text-chat🗣. Severity of the punishment you are given is based on a few things(i.e. what you did, how many times you’ve been asked to stop, and if you are a repeat offender) If you want to appeal a ban please look in #scp-ban-policy🛡 before going to #ban-appeal🔖. Owner, Co-Owner, Staff Advisor, and Staff Supervisor are immune to these rules, but they can't hold up the round or ban for no reason.
You automatically agree to our rules when you join our server. If you'd like to report problems or issues, go to #Support in our Discord</size=10>
< You can also send feedback in our #feedback channel! Plugins and Server settings are also listed.
< If you want the "Trusted" role please apply in our Discord

< Server Host/Provider Steam Name: Mr. Richard II
< Server Region: <color=#4DFFE1>East </color>USA

< High Ranking Admin's:
<size=10>- (Owner): Mr. Richard II
- (Co-Owners): King0FTheDead725, Hero, Titan, NuclearGears, Papa Bear
- (Staff Supervisors): Oshí, Morph, SABO, IcyFire
- (MTF Right Hand): Boomshaka, Spartan, Dragon the Emperor, ForceCreationz, SaltyGhost, Shadows, AmericaFuckYeah, McNasty's Burger Shack</size=10>

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