-No hate speech. If it's a joke it's fine, but if it's meant to offend you may be kicked.
-Don't be a whiny [REDACTED]. This includes raging after losing or someone taking your item.
-No exploiting. If you're found exploiting you will be kick/banned depending on what you did.
-DO NOT doxx, DDOS, or any of that. You will be banned.


-Server will sometimes lag spike but other than that you should be running at a smooth 0 ms
-If no admins are on and something bad happens join the discord and ping the admins or me. We will take care of the problem.
-I try to keep this server on as often as possible. it will be running 24/7 in the near future, though.
-This server is vanilla and will NEVER be modded, though a secondary modded server may be made in the future.
-Me and the admins like to mess around, not all the time though. If you ask us to stop, we will.