Rival Network SCP:SL Server

Contact Email: [email protected]

In-game Rules (also on Discord):

No teamkilling, however D-class on D-class is allowed.

Do not prolong the round on purpose.

Micspam is allowed only in proximity (human) chat.

Indirect teamkilling (such as teaming or closing doors on fellow teammates) counts as teamkilling.

NTF/MTF (including Facility Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPS. Chaos (and D-class) are allowed to team with SCPs after the first respawn wave.

Do not kill disarmed players unless they disobey orders, or their original faction spawns.

When asked by a staff member, you are required to talk in English.

Modified clients and glitch exploiting is prohibited. Usage of these will result in a permaban ban from the server, and possible game ban.

- Furthermore, revealing staff (server or global) at any point will also result in a server ban.

- Ghosting also falls under this rule, and is classed as cheating.

Use common sense when playing.