Welcome to the deyhit1 Twitch sever!
- Toxicity is not allowed. Insults in jest are permitted, so long as they are not too insensitive and the other party is comfortable.
- Discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.) of any form, including but not limited to: derogatory language and/or ideals and memes, is strictly prohibited at all times.
- Advertising (discord and/or game servers, crowdfunding campaigns, etc.) is prohibited and may result in a warning.
- Earrape is only allowed if not used on a consistent basis all the time.
- Sharing any form of NSFW material (gore, pornography/cropped pornography, NSFW descriptions, etc.) is prohibited.
- Nicknames must be typeable and not consist only of numbers and symbols or be inappropriate or derogatory. If your nickname does not fit guidelines above you may be asked to change it, and/or have your nickname privileges revoked.
- Encouraging cheating and illegal acts such as piracy is strictly forbidden and punishment-worthy. Same goes for sharing one's personal info, private conversations or leaking other things that are not meant for everyone without the consent of all parties.
- Drama of any kind is not allowed in this server.
- Political and religious debates are not allowed in this server.
- The Staff has the right punish a member for an item that is not directly discussed in these rules, if it violates any “common sense” and good etiquette rules one should follow.

< Types of penalties >

* Warning
> Moderators will issue verbal warnings first before an actual warning in most of the circumstances. You will receive one warning if you fail to listen to the moderator’s verbal warning.

* Warning Timer
> One warning will be cleared in two weeks, two warnings will be cleared in four weeks, three warnings do not expire that way.

* Server Kick
> This action is taken automatically by the bot when you are warned twice.

* Mute Status
> A server role Issued by the bot after being given three warnings by a moderator. A muted role prevents you from talking in the discord. This can be appealed by contacting a moderator with the provided template.

* Server Ban
> This punishment is usually a final, drastic resort in only very dire circumstances. Those bans are spread throughout one's IP address and account. As these types of penalties are only given in severe cases, they are likely to also be non-appealable as well.

< Rules Agreement >

> By entering this server, you accept the above rules and regulations. Simply not reading these rules and not being aware of this knowledge does not exempt you from compliance and penalties attached to your behaviour.

> Every Channel has its own specialized rules added to them, so it's recommended to read the channel description and the pinned messages in order to not accidentally break any rules imposed on these channels.

> The administration reserves the right to modify these rules and regulations at any time. Regulations are based on the principles of common sense, so if you are properly mature, there is nothing to worry about.