Welcome to Absolute Chaos!
Our discord server is currently under construction, but you can still join it!

When you join this server to play, you agree to these rules of gameplay:
1. No Racial/Sexual Slurs. This is non-negotiable and will result in an immediate temp ban. Further strikes will result in a permanent one. You have been warned
2. Threats of violence against a person or their property will not be tolerated. This includes doxxing and threats of DDoS attacks.
3. No micspam. Soundboards are allowed, but no songs or continuous noise is allowed in any form. Mutes and temp bans will follow failure to stop after being asked.
4. No team griefing. This includes, but is not limited to closing doors behind you to stop people you spawn with, killing other SCPs in tesla gates as SCP-079, and ignoring your role objectives.
4a. SCPs and Chaos Insurgency are allowed to team, as they do not hold up the round.
4b. SCPs may show mercy to Class-D personnel, however this does not extend to Scientists unless there are Chaos Insurgency around to detain them.
4c. Friendly Fire (FF) is off, however killing Class-D or Scientists without giving them a chance to surrender is considered teamkilling. Releasing detained people just to kill them is also considered griefing.
5. Have fun! These rules are mostly common sense, but they're here to make sure everyone understands what the expectations are, and so no one is left out of the shenanigans. If you do have a problem though, don't hesitate to tell one of our lovely staff (handpicked by the owner!), and they will help you.

Currently, this server has the following plugins installed: