0. Use common sense, if you are found to be a general nuisance, you will be kicked. Don't ruin other peoples fun for the sake of it, and don't be a rude to others.
1. No mic-spam or ear rape.
2. No Hacking/Exploiting.
3. No Trolling - This includes trapping team mates in rooms, burning or stealing team mates cards/items in 914, closing doors on your team mates maliciously, or spamming the warhead lever on and off constantly.
5. No Evading - This means using other steam accounts, or other means to get around bans, you will be banned forever.
6. Don't stall - Needlessly extending the round will result in an action from a staff member to move the round along. Stalling means not actively pursuing escape, and elimination of enemies ie. SCPs/Chaos, in the case of MTF. Spawncamping MTF and Chaos spawns is forbidden.
7. No Discrimination - Hate or discrimination against any age, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, etc. will result in severe punishment.