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-=[Our Rules]=-
[1.] Let people have fun. Don't be toxic, racist, or use slurs in any way.
[2.] KOS is allowed, however killing escorted players isn't.
[2.1] Being cuffed and being escorted are two different conditions.
Cuffed players are not considered "escorted" until they are actively
escaping towards the surface while accompanied by players of the
opposite team.
[2.2] Being cuffed for a moment doesn't qualify for protection under Rule
#2, don't be a bitch.
[3.] Camping is not allowed if it hinders the round's progression.
[4.] Any form of cheating is not allowed. This includes game-breaking/unfair
exploits, both base-game and plugin-based.
[5.] No SCP + SCP-049-2 (Zombie) suicide.
[6.] Annoying/Loud Mic-spam is only allowed in Local Proximity Channels.
[7.] Cross-teaming is not allowed if it affects other players, both positively
and/or negatively.
[8.] No NSFW behavior. Definition of punishable NSFW is determined on-site
by staff.
[9.] Do not aggrevate on-duty staff, they have the final say on-site regarding
game rulings and punishments.
[9.1] Do not abuse the in-game report system. We will ban you with
extreme prejudice if you do, to put it nicely.

-=[Server Features]=-
[•] No Ammo Limits.
[•] No Item Limits.

If you need to report something happening on the server, or wish to appeal a punishment, you can contact the Server Head or any of our High Ranking Staff on our Discord Server. (see above for link/embed)