Auto Nuke after 25 minutes, Lightly Modded, Friendly-Fire enabled.
Plugins list:

- SCP-012
- SCP-008 infection
- Talking 049
- Wait and chill Reborn
- Medical supply drops
- Mild changes to 914
- Respawn Timer
- LCZ sinkholes
- Random exits

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1) Teamkill
Under no circumstances is it alright to Teamkill, even if the other person is breaking the rules - report them instead.
1st offence: 15 minutes
2nd offence: 2 hours
3rd offence: 1 day
4th offence: perma

2) No homophobia/derogatory slang/racism
This includes the use of the N-word, homophobic f-word and other degrading slurs
1st offence: One day ban
2nd offence: perma

3) Holding up the round
Don't hold up the round unnecessarily. If you think you are the last one alive, go out and make a pro gamer move. Release your inner Chad gamer!
Sanctions: Kick

4) KOS
KOS (Kill On Sight) is allowed, however we strongly advise cuffing and extracting Researchers and D-class. As you get more tickets for your team. If a D-class or Scientist is cuffed, they cannot be killed by the opposing side. This would now be classed as Teamkill.

5) Teaming
NTF (including Facility Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPs. Chaos are allowed to team with SCPs. D-class can only team with SCPs after the first spawn wave, as long as it doesn't hold up the round.
1st offence: kick
2st offence: 15 minutes
3nd offence: 1 hour
4rd offence: 1 day
5th offence: perma

6) Toxicity
The following are what we consider toxicity:
-micspam (loud noises/music in any vc including local. Soundboards are allowed to a degree)
-shutting doors needlessly on teammates
-shooting bullets at teammates for no reason
1st offence: 15 minutes
2nd offence: 1 hour
3rd offence: 1 day
4th offence: perma

Notes regarding Teamkilling. We will NOT ban under the following circumstances:
1. Cross-fire: This is when a teammate gets in the way of killing an enemy of your current class.
2. Faliure to follow orders: This is when a cuffed Researcher, or D-Class fails to follow the orders of CI/MTF.
3. Good soldiers follow orders: A rare admin activated 'order 66' event.