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Hi! Welcome to one of either very few or the only server dedicated specifically to the well known beloved "Hide n seek 106" event we've all played at least once in our time on this game, this mode is also somewhat based off Dead by Daylight! I must clarify this server IS in beta stages and is subject to change and not extensively developed so far but is playable. But in the mean time, here's all you need to know! :
1) The event takes place entirely within Heavy containment so far. The checkpoints are locked and decontamination is enabled so nobody can leave. All D-class should spawn together whereas Scientists spawn together far away. If you believe the round is being held up by a refusing seeker or an afk one, send a report immediately! Most doors start open for the round, use tesla gates to get distance against seekers!
2) It IS possible to fight back against the seekers, however they have 2500HP so you'll have to play smart and work together!
3) The round will only end once one team has entirely been eliminated
4) There actually can be more than one scientist, the 2nd only spawns once there's 10 players on the server.
5) For extra spooo000oooky effect, the lights are out! All D-class spawn with flashlights thankfully. And you also get an infinite battery radio if you want to keep talking to the rest of your team and give info on where the 173 is.
6) If you want to know how many seekers or hiders there is, or how far into the round it's been, you can always press 'N' to see it on the leaderboard!


1) Cheating, exploits and etc are NOT allowed here. We play fair
2) No harassment, racism, sexism or other derogatory and unfriendly talk of any kind
3) Usage of sound boards and etc is allowed, just of course, don't play spam earrape SFX and etc
4) No teaming with the 173 or holding up the round. The occasional sparing of a D-class is allowed, as is being funny and staring at someone for a few seconds before killing them.

- Hiders don't trigger tesla gates but you do! Be weary that you'll give away your position!
- Putting away your flashlight may help you sneak up on people but limits your visibility
- Charging an attack can help you quickly close distance and helps you get past tesla gates quicker
- You can use scavenged items to your advantage! Such as the hat, colas, performance enhancers and more!

- Use tesla gates to get distance! You don't trigger them!
- Work together! You have power in numbers and 2 people with guns is better than one!
- Use your radios to keep each other informed of where the seekers are!
- Scavenge to fight for your life! Find items to improve your survivability and even try and obtain weapons to fight back!