Welcome to Chaos Labyrinth RP

Discord - discord.gg/SjxvndPz4w

This is a hard Role Play server the focuses mainly on the lore of the SCP Foundation.

1. You may not micspam at all, this ruins the ambience of the RP.

2. You may not be toxic, or say any slurs in any voice chat.

3. If you are SCP-049, and someone has SCP-500, and takes it, you may not kill them, as you are convinced that they do not have the pestilence.

4. Teaming Rules:
A. No one on separate teams may team with each other.
B. Only SCP-049 can be around people if they are immune to 049 because of SCP-500, otherwise, all SCPs must kill everyone no matter what. Also, SCPs can spare people, but may not be around them for more than 30 seconds.
C. Class-Ds must kill or flee from MTF, and the MTF must try to kill them. On the other side however, guards are allowed to cuff Class-Ds, only MTF are not.
D. Same thing with researchers, they must flee from CI and the CI must kill the researchers.
E. Class-Ds and Researchers must kill each other if one or both of them have guns, but may be near each other for extended periods of time without killing each other, if they do not have guns.
F. Scientists and Class-Ds may team.
G. In summary, everyone must kill each other unless on separate teams, or if said said above, you are.

5. You may commit suicide if you are trapped with another team, but may not randomly commit suicide.

6. You may teamkill if you have a good reason for it, like if your team commit massacre on your teammates, or if they shoot you or betray you, but you may not teamkill for no reason, like if your team is just there, and you kill them for no reason.