Contacts: (Owner) Luki#8849 | [email protected] (Luki Rudaka) | [email protected] (Ryanor)

SCP SL Server IP:

Official Discord Server:

Rules and Gameplay:
1. Common sense is a good virtue.
2. No discriminatory language, or any hateful behavior of any kind. This even includes anti-fur behavior, so dont even try it.
3. Do not throw or stall games.
4. Teaming is not allowed, respective teams are in (SCP fight Class-D, Facility Guards, Scientists, and MTF, neutral with Chaos) (Chaos kills MTF and Scientists, although can disarm scientists) (D-Class are basically all around, but can team depending on situation.) (Scientists team with MTF, gets killed by Chaos and SCP's, possibly D-class, etc, etc, etc, etc)
5. Respect all staff, staff disrespect is a bannable offense
6. Ryanor is not a furry, Luki is.
7. Listen to the rules in the Discord server as well.
8. Have fun!

Server Hosting:
Powered by TITAN 700W Server Unit (Processor: INTEL I7-4770)
2 servers are running on this unit.
Server Location: WEST_FLORIDA_USA