Contacts: (Owner) Luki Rudaka#8849 | (Co-Owner)Ryanor#6477 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE) / [email protected] (Luki Rudaka) | [email protected] (Ryanor)

SCP SL Server IP:

Official Discord Server:

Rules and Gameplay:
1. Common sense is a good virtue.
2. No discriminatory language, or any hateful behavior of any kind.
3. Do not throw or stall games.
4. Teaming is not allowed, respective teams are in (SCP fight Class-D, Facility Guards, Scientists, and MTF, neutral with Chaos) (Chaos kills MTF and Scientists, although can disarm scientists) (D-Class are basically all around, but can team depending on situation.) (Scientists team with MTF, gets killed by Chaos and SCP's, possibly D-class, etc, etc, etc, etc)
5. Mods are yet to be implemented, for now on this server is normal SCP: SL Gameplay.
6. Respect all staff, staff disrespect is bannable.
7. Ryanor is not a furry, Luki is.
8. Listen to the rules in the Discord server as well.
9. Have fun!

Server Hosting:
Powered by Ambia Low Power Server w/ Battery Backup Installed
Multiple servers are running on this unit.
Server Location: FLORIDA_USA