Peach's Playhouse

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1) Cheating, exploits and etc are NOT allowed here. We play fair
2) No harassment, racism, sexism or other derogatory and unfriendly talk of any kind
3) Usage of sound boards and etc is allowed
4) No teaming with SCPs at all, NTF/Chaos cannot work together either


1) This server has subclasses! You select your subclass by holding an item in the pre-game lobby and are randomly given one upon joining mid-round or dying as an SCP! See below for subclass info. Type ".help" in console to learn how to use abilities.
2) Wave spawns happen every 5 minutes with both teams and Serpent's Hand respawning
3) All SCPs work different to an extent, a broadcast will tell you what's different when you spawn as them
4) All SCPs haxe prox chat
5) Going into 914 on coarse teleports you to either LCZ checkpoint with 4 seconds of invisibility but does 35 damage.
6) You can set messages to show to opponents you kill with .kmsg in console
7) The warhead cannot be manually activated and only auto-activates around 18.5 minutes into the round
8) The Facility's layout has been drastically changed with map editing and the map uses the same seed every round


Scout: 10% more move speed and 25% more stamina, gain more Max HP from colas, "sprint burst" as an ability to run even faster at the cost of taking more damage and spawn with a Shotgun on respawns.
Tank: Have a 35 Hume shield, ignore speed/stamina penalties from guns/armor, break down doors as an ability and spawn with a Logicer + Heavy armor on respawns.
Commando: Gain speed/stamina and health benefits from kills and "Focus" with an active ability that dramatically reduces weapon recoil and use times and provides a 25% damage resistance but slows you down and spawn with 2 Revolvers and an 1853 on respawns.
Nurse: Use medical items and SCP items instantly, generate a medkit every minute, heal teammates by shooting at them and spawn with a Crossvec and infinite ammo COM-15 on respawn
Spy: Be able to toggle 939 vision at will as a passive ability, "Feign death" by dropping a pair of your hands as well as any inhand item and become invisible for a few seconds, but suffer some HP loss and less damage resistance during it and spawn with a Crossvec and Micro HID on respawns.
Scavenger: Pick up ammo just by walking near it, bypass item pickup limits, "Upgrade inhand item" on the fine setting of 914 as an ability and spawn with a COM-18 and Particle Disruptor on respawns