Welcome to Ruza's Chaotic Laboratory!

This server is dedicated to the Discord server "Ruza and Friends". If you are interested in joining the Discord, please use the link below the rules.

Server Rules
1. Toxicity is not welcome here. If you choose to be this way, you will be kicked from the server, continuing to do so will lead to a ban.
2. Racial/Sexual slurs are not tolerated. This includes the N-word.
3. This should be obvious, but hacking/exploiting/cheating is an immediate ban. Don't do it. Just have fun.
4. If a scientist and/or D-class is detained, do NOT shoot them UNLESS they are not being cooperative.
5. Mic spamming is not allowed to be played in spectator chat, intercom, SCP chat, and pre-round chat. Music is fine as long it is not obnoxious or offensive.
6. Advertisements must be kept to a minimum. If you are told to stop advertising, you stop.
7. Do not trap your teammates intentionally UNLESS they did something regarding rule 5.
8. You can team with people, but there are limits.
- D-boys can team with: Chaos (needed) and SCPs.
- Chaos can team with SCPs.
- NTF can team with scientists

If you are interested in our server, please join our Discord! (https://discord.gg/8dmNx3Y)