Server Rules

1. No slurs or hate speech of any kind
2. No exploiting glitches
3. No kos of scientists or d boy's unless they run away or have a weapon (the micro does not count until they attempt to charge it)
4. Admins/mods have final say in any matter regarding the rules
5. Always listen to admins/mods
6. Killing an admin while they are conducting an admin sit will result in a punishment of the admins choice
7. Teaming is allowed
8. Micspam is allowed unless it gets too loud
9. Use common sense
10. Admins can punish you for things that are not specifically listed (this falls under the common sense rule)
11. Squeakers are annoying and will either be muted or banned
12. This server is 13+ if you are found to be under that age you will be banned
13. Minor amounts of admin abuse are allowed do not report an admin for it
14. Joining and instantly being toxic/picking fights with other members will not be tolerated
15. Trying to get server members to "1v1" you on a private server is prohibited and will result in a ban

to reach us or just to connect with others join our discord: <a href=> JOIN HERE </a>

This server is meant to be chaotic and fun there is an increased chance to get pink candy, custom items have been buffed, and the better coins plugin can do almost anything when flipped. To balance this out scps have been buffed. Also admins are allowed to do almost anything they want only report one if they break a rule listed above and please don't use the ingame report system join our the discord to make a admin report.

Notable plugins:
(for full list join the discord)
Admin Tools
Candy Utilities
Common Utilities