Welcome To <b><color=#FFA500>Sneekus <b><color=#000000>Hub <b><color=#FFA500>[US WEST]
<b><color=#004c97> Hiring Staff! Check On Discord Or Use This Link: https://forms.gle/iPNBLQz9DcPA6tsw8

<b><color=#FF0000>Discord: discord.gg/w2PpxNbdCg

<b><color=#FFA500>1. Do not cheat or use any external software to benefit you in a gameplay advantage
2. No racism/discrimination of any kind not even the n-word, I know it's funny but not allowed
3. No squeakers in intercom, scp chat, spectator chat
4. Respect everyone within the Sneekus community
5. Do not kill yourself to avoid playing as a certain class
6. Do not break steams terms of service
8. Team killing on purpose is not allowed
9. Anything the staff say is their final answer no arguing
10. Jester's law applies to this server, if what you do is found funny by the mods or general populous you are safe
11. Literally 1984