PKA Foundation

This server is normally heavily modded, but most plugins have been disabled for the beta. You can find the plugin list in the discord server here. (clickable).

Auto Nuke is disabled for now, and the nuke time is 100 seconds.

1. No hacking or cheating.
2. No form of racism/sexism of any kind.
3. No micspamming in SCP Chat, Dead Chat, Intercom, Radio, etc.
4. Chaos Insurgency and Serpents Hand may NOT team with eachother.
5. Chaos Insurgency and SCPs may team with eachother, but if Serpents Hand arrive, the SCPs must make a choice to either stick with SH or stay away from them and team with CI.
6. Don't kill detained personnel unless they are actively attempting to escape.
Roleplay rules:
7. Do not revenge-kill. Act like you're in another life.
8. Act mature and take your job seriously.