PKA Foundation

PKA Foundation is about to permanently shut down in a few days. Reasons include lack of funding, broken plugins and lack of popularity. I cannot afford this server anymore, so please enjoy your final moments with it.
Discord is shut down. Contact me for issues at [email protected]

We have cool custom items. Check them out!
SCP-008 can spawn at the beginning of the game, replacing any SCP, besides SCP-575. 30% chance. (may be broken, needs testing)
SCP-575 replaces 106, and can cause blackouts (.useability command), damaging you if you don't have a light source. (may be broken, needs testing)
Channel 3 of the SCP Radio from SCP:CB will play in the lobby. (broken)
SCP:CB ambience will play at the beginning of the game. (broken)
SCP-079 broadcasts from SCP:CB will play every 2 minutes. However, 30% chance there won't be a broadcast. (broken)
Nuke time is 100 seconds.
Decontamination is disabled.
Pink Candy can spawn from SCP-330. (needs testing)
You cannot kill unarmed personnel in Light Containment Zone. (may be broken, needs testing)
We have custom end conditions, compatible with a 2 player and 3 player game. Explained in this video's description: https://youtu.be/KUd0-nRnc_E (may be broken, needs testing)
If you go to SCP-173's chamber and drop an item, you'll get a new one. (SCP-1162) (may be broken, needs testing)
Serpents Hand may spawn instead of Chaos Insurgency. (may be broken, needs testing)
MTF Unit Eta-10 "See No Evil" may spawn instead of Epsilon 11 "Nine Tailed Fox". (may be broken, needs testing)
Any doors the MTF open will close after 6 seconds, as if they were a checkpoint, excluding Gate A and B. (may be broken, needs testing)
SCP-914 can upgrade/downgrade your class with Very Fine and Course. 1:1 will betray. Note that this clears your inventory for whatever reason, so make sure to put your stuff on the ground before you change with SCP-914.
You will be notified if you successfully kill someone. (broken)
You don't need to hold your keycard out to open doors. (broken)
We have a timer showing when you will respawn, and extra info for spectators. (may be broken, needs testing)

1. No hacking or cheating.
2. No form of racism/sexism of any kind.
3. No micspamming unless it's in proximity chat.
4. Don't kill detained personnel unless they are actively attempting to escape.
5. No teaming with other factions. This includes Chaos Insurgency and SCPs.
6. No killing unarmed personnel in Light Containment Zone.
7. Do not use a VPN.
8. Do not say g--damn. It is religiously offensive.