Egg Central

1.) No mic spamming in spectator or scp channels
2.) Team Kill is not allowed including locking doors on team mates when not needed
3.) Killing D-Class in light if they are unarmed is prohibited unless they pose a threat or disobey orders or you are a scientist
4.) Teaming with scps is prohibited unless you are a D-Class or Chaos
5.) Sabotaging your team as a SCP/MTF is not allowed
6.) No racism or hateful behaviour towards specific groups
7.) No advertising while playing on the server
8.) No round delaying of any sort this will result in punishment

Plugin List
1). Coin Shield - Gives 15 ahp on holding coins
2). Gun Doors - Doors open when the door button is shot onto
3). Hit Markers - You get to see damage indicators when you hit someone and see when you kill someone
4). Funny Pills - Random effect pills
5). MicroReplace - Micro has a % chance to be replaced with a specified amount of jailbirds
6). RemoteKeycard - Literally just a remote keycard
7). RespawnTimer - You see respawn times
8). SCP-1162 - SCP-1162 spawns in peanuts containment and if you hold a item you can gamble it
9). SCPStats - Tracks stats
10). SuicidePro - .suicide you can guess the rest