Welcome to Zenith Project's SCP:SL Server!
We hope you enjoy your time here, whether you are already a part of Zenith’s community or just here to visit.

General Rules:
1. Be respectful to everybody in-game and within the community.
2. Cheats, exploits, or abusing glitches are not allowed.
3. Harassment is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any form of discrimination or other offensive content is not tolerated. Avoid excessive profanity.
4. Do not throw the game, or otherwise ruin the match/game for other players.
5. Mic spam is not allowed, you may use soundboards but they must not be overly loud, offensive or distributive.
6. Staff have the final say on any issues, you may communicate with higher ranking staff if you have any issues with staff or the server.

You must also follow Zenith Project’s community rules: here

Best way to contact is via our Discord: https://discord.gg/zenithprojectrp
Owner: Crossbow | @crossbowzp
Manager: Innocent Traitor | @innocent_traitor

Installed Plugins: SCPSWAP, CedMod, RespawnTimer, Ultimate-AFK, SimpleUtilties