Direct Connect info:

1. Do not micspam (this includes playing music in spectator chat, and scp chat, playing music as SCP-939 in V chat is fine, playing music on the intercom is allowed, any other instance of playing music is fine (if someone is playing music on radio, just turn off the radio or mute them))
2. Do not teamkill unless it is in self defense
3. Do not annoy staff (this includes asking for items, asking to get spawned in, or asking for events (events can only be started by co-owners or head admins, unless other staff have permission, they may not do that anyway))(the admin you were harassing gets to decide your punishment)
4. Don't throw grenades in elevators unless only enemies are in the elevator (kamikazes are allowed if enemies are in the elevator)(flashbangs are allowed)
5. Don't harass people based or race, sex, age ect. (this includes saying slurs)
6. No teaming with disallowed teams (refer to "Teams")
7. Do not kos disarmed personnel no matter what
8. Do not camp for more than 3 minutes

Class D teams: SCP, Scientists and Chaos (scientists and SCPs can still kill you, and MTF teams are also allowed but only when your disarmed)
Scientist teams: MTF, and Class D (Class D can kill you, and Chaos can team with you if you are disarmed)
MTF teams: Scientists, Disarmed Class D
Chaos teams: Class D, SCP, and Disarmed Scientists
SCP teams: Class D, and Chaos (you may still kill them)

Discord Server: