<size=25>~ Welcome to The Utopia ~


• This is an English speaking Server.

• Friendly Fire is off.

• This server features frequent Blackouts! (Be sure to use your Starting Flashlight.)

• SCP-014 upgrades the item you're holding.

• Swap your SCP with another by typing ".scpswap ###" into the console menu. (Default key is `)
Example: ".scpswap 049"

• SCP-939 has been buffed. It's smaller, faster and angrier.

• SCP-049 can speak to humans.

• Doors malfunction halfway through the round.

• The Alpha Warhead automatically starts at 20 minutes.

• SCP-106 can stalk players. (Double click the Create Sinkhole button.)

• SCP-173 explodes on death! (Fun right?!)

Discord Nitro Boosters get a Colored Role in game. (Purely Cosmetic & A Flex.)


• You have to speak English, so that everyone can communicate.

• Hacking, Cheating and Exploiting isn't allowed.

• Please make sure you're not excessively loud/obnoxious. (Be funny, not annoying.)

• Soundboards are encouraged as long as you follow the rule above.

• Use Common Sense; don't sabotage your team, don't intentionally stall the match, don't be racist/homophobic, etc.
(The simple stuff that doesn't need to be said.)

• Using Loopholes in these rules makes you look bad.

• If you have problems with any players, let me know in Discord via the invite at the top.
(You should join anyway regardless~!)