Discord invite: https://discord.gg/nTaW7Acryr


1. No form of offensive slurs/swears including racial, and homophobic slurs/swears, this will result in a mute.

2. No exploiting allowed, this will result in a permanent ban.

3. Any form of mic spamming is not allowed including: Ear rape, or the use of soundboards, disobeying this rule will result in a mute.

4. Impersonating as a mod, admin, or owner will result in a temp ban.

5. Guards/MTF are allowed to kill Class-D Personnel that are armed, disobeying orders, teaming with SCP's or CI, or nearly escaping the facility.

6. Killing Cuffed Class-D, or Scientist will result in a kick.

Teaming Rules:

Chaos and Class-D may team/Scientist and MTF can team/Class-D and Scientist may team/Guards, Scientist, and MTF may team/ Class-D, CI, SCP's may team/Scientist can be spared from SCP's/MTF, and Guards cannot team, spare, or be spared by SCP's/CI can spare Scientist or SCP's.