Server location: Germany, Frankfurt
Contact Email: [email protected]

- Teaming with SCP's is only allowed as Chaos Insurgency
- Killing Mates is prohibited!
- Soundboard is only allowed in normal voice chat. Soundboard is prohibited in death chat, SCPchat, intercom or radio!
- Of course, insulting other users is prohibited!
- Camping in one place (at least 4 minutes) is prohibited!
- Stealing items in SCP 914 is prohibited!
- Alignment of roles (e.g. as SCP-049-2) is prohibited!
- Noise or an overriding microphone is not permitted!
- Talking to people about using their rights (eg "can you say something with cassie?") Is prohibited!
- Locking someone up somewhere e.g. in SCP 012, Alpha Warhead or SCP 914 is prohibited!