Infinity Labs


Infinity Labs is a heavily modded server with plugins that can change the entire game.

Our discord can be found here. <---Clickable (

Information about all the plugins is also listed in the discord.
Infinity Labs is a SCP:SL server that focuses on player enjoyment for the entire server. To make sure everyone can enjoy the server, please follow these rules.
Failure to follow the rules will result in consequences so make sure you understand all of the rules before playing.

- No Mic-spamming.
-Soundboards are perfectly fine as long as it isn't loud/annoying.

- No Racism/Discrimination.

- No abusing glitches, exploits, ect.

- No Harrassment of any kind.

- Please do not target anyone for any reason.

- Teaming is not allowed EXCEPT for Chaos and SCPs.
-It is not required to team, only optional.
-Scientists and D-class working together does not count as teaming.

- No killing Class-D if they are cuffed/complying.

- No leaving/suicide as an SCP. This will result in a warn and/or soft ban from playing the game for a few rounds.

- Just have common sense. Everyone here is human too.