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[0] These rules can change at any time without prior notice.
[1] All speech is allowed however if you are continually harassing someone and they request you stop, then stop.
[2] Mic-spam is only allowed in proximity-chat (i.e. normal human VC or 939's mimic ability.)
[3] SCPs are not allowed to team with any human classes (this includes Chaos Insurgency and Class-D.)
[4] Chaos Insurgency and MTF are not allowed to team with each-other.
[5] Team-sabotage is not allowed. This includes constant door-closing, locking teammates in rooms, and SCP-079 zapping a tesla while an SCP goes through it. Though this does not include giving guns to the opposite side and telling them to shoot your teammates.

Punishment Chart

All players (excluding extreme cases) will go through this punishment path in the event that they break the rules.

[VC Related Punishments]

-Verbal warning.
-One day mute.
-One week mute.
-Permanently muted with appeal via Discord.
-Permanently muted without appeal.

[Gameplay Related Punishments]

-Verbal warning.
-One day ban.
-One week ban.
-One month ban.
-Permanently banned with appeal via Discord.
-Permanently banned without appeal.