Discord: https://discord.gg/N5MFeUZM3T
Guilded: https://guilded.gg/ZlifeProductions
- Do not spam mic
- Do not use bugs, exploits, glitches, hacks, or anything similar.
- Join discord and use the staff-requests channel for getting roles
- No racism
<indent=4%>1) Peanut Tag</indent>
<indent=5%>- When peanut kills that killed player turns into peanut.</indent>
<indent=4%>2) Smalls</indent>
<indent=5%>- Everyone is small</indent>
<indent=4%>3) 75% Dogs</indent>
<indent=5%>- 75% of players are dogs</indent>
<indent=4%>4) Ball Torture</indent>
<indent=5%>- You only have scp 018 and its a free for all</indent>
<indent=4%>5) Player Switch every 2 minutes</indent>
<indent=5%>- Every two minutes every player switches positions</indent>
<indent=4%>6) Random Starting</indent>
<indent=5%>- Everyone starts with random health, energy, size, and position</indent>
<indent=4%>7) Blackout</indent>
<indent=5%>- Lights turn on and off, elevators take longer, your goal is to turn on all generators</indent>

Tyoe ".?" for commands you can use in the console. To open console click the ` key which is next to one
<color=#33ff22>Default commands are ".unstuck" and ".msg"