Welcome to Average Scp Server
Please read the rules. Enjoy your time on here.

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Please remember, that this server is still in development. Some crashes and bugs may occur. Incase of a server crash, please wait about 5 mintues and then the server should be back up.



• No cheating/glitching WILL RESAULT IN A PERMA BAN.

• No racism.

• Don't impersonate staff.

• No teaming with enemies.

• MTF Are not allowed to get a d-class out without cuffing them.

• Respect staff members.

• Use common sense.

• No self advertising.

• No teamkilling (INCLUDES using enemies and or scps to kill teammates).

• No earrape or soundboards in scp chat or radio.

• No troll reports.

• 3 warnings equals a ban Every 3 warnings the ban length doubles After hitting 16 warnings you will be permanently banned.