The Perfectly Normal Server
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1. KOS
You may Cuff the D's or just straight up kill them
Note: this may be removed.

2. Teaming With SCPs
Don't. Sometimes it pisses off people so its banned plus it just gives you some kind of advantage.

3. Racial Slurs
Racial slurs are not permitted and will result in a MUTE or BAN depending on how bad.

4. Camping/Stalling the round
Camping or Stalling the round will result in an immediate kick after a warning given by a Staff
Ex. bc 5 please stop stalling the round (name of the person)

5. Hacking or Cheating
Immediate report to global moderators and immediate permanent BAN

6. Toxicity
keep them words to yourself...

7. Mic Spam
if is cool we'll leave you alone (unless someone in the server shuts you up then shut up) but if its loud shit we'll mute you (Ex.

8. Chaos And Foundation
Chaos cannot team with foundation members. Ex: Chaos Teaming with Facility guards or MTF
NOTE: Chaos CAN cuff scientists and make them Chaos

This list will be updated over the time this server is up so might be a good idea to read this once in a while...

Hopefully you'll like your stay at this totally not weird server 100% normal server hehe he...