General Rules
Do Not:
Use offensive, hurtful, attacking, xenophobic, racist, sexist, transphobic, or homophobic content, including your name, comments (even quoting, fragmenting, or implying), and audio clips in the servers towards anyone or any group (Examples: Swastika’s,9/11 memes, and talk about Suicide). It does not matter how the words are used, they are not allowed ever. [On SCP:SL, 1st offense is a warning, 2nd offense is a one week ban, 3rd offense is a permanent ban.]

Harass community members or any of the staff team

Use hateful or toxic misconduct, such as dox or give death threats to members/staff [If it was a joke, the 1st offense is a warning, 2nd is a permanent ban. If serious or highly problematic, 1st offense is a permanent ban as well as law enforcement may get involved]

Impersonate staff members. (Changing nickname and profile picture without consent and/or addressing yourself as staff)

Spam staff for a rank, permissions, or for them to view applications [doing so can cause your app to be denied]

Attempt to perform supposed loopholes in the rules [Attempted loopholes will result in the same punishment as the rule attempting to be loopholed]

Encourage others to break rules

Knowingly influence staff decisions through lying, bribery, taking advantage of relationships, etc.

Make rape or pedophilia jokes, or refer to such and/or comments that talk about the subject of pedophilia. [1st offense is a written warning, 2nd offense is a permanent ban.]

Sexually interact with any members without consent or perform any pedophilic actions towards minors [1st offense is an immediate permanent ban]

Lie to staff [includes ban appeals] [Doing so will increase the original ban length by one degree]

Purposefully cause drama/try and start chaos in public text channels or voice channels.

Advertise for the unban, ban, removal, or punishment of a member or staff

Post NSFW/NSFW-Suggestive content [In discord if porn/nudity, the 1st offense is a written warn, 2nd is a 24h mute, 3rd offense is a permanent ban. If gore/mutilation, 1st offense is an immediate permanent ban]

Jokes involving suggesting suicide or death are allowed, but ONLY between friends, and jokes about commiting suicide are allowed but should not get crazy or descriptive. ANY attempt, loophole, or threat made towards someone not your friend will result in punishment. Serious threats or extremely descriptive suicide/death jokes are not allowed regardless of circumstances.
(Note: In SCP:SL, telling someone else to kill themselves or other similar suicide/death jokes, regardless if it is a friend or not, are NOT ALLOWED.)

Alt accounts are permitted, but the usage of an alt account to avoid punishment or break rules will only increase your main account's punishment along with resulting in the ban of the alt account.

General Notes

- Mic spam is allowed but if asked by staff or by a majority of players/people in game/call, stop. NSFW content over mic is never allowed.

- Any form of IP stealing, hacking, and/or malware depositing is strictly forbidden, threatening to do any of the above will also result in punishment. [Instant permanent ban with appropriate evidence along with possible law enforcement involvement].

- Notify staff of potential loopholes and any issues with other members.