Welcome to<b> <b><i>[US EAST] Area-92<i>!



<b>[1]<b> Intentionally teamkilling is prohibited. This includes asking an enemy to kill someone that is not yourself.
<b>[2]<b> Any form of harassment is strictly prohibited.
<b>[3]<b> Cheating will lead to a perm ban.
<b>[4]<b> Do not kill anyone who is detained and following orders. This includes un-detaining them and killing them.
<b>[5]<b> Bullet hole art cannot be NSFW.
<b>[6]<b> Micspamming is prohibited.
<b>[7]<b> Cross-teaming is not allowed unless it is SCP's and Chaos/Class-D
<b>[8]<b> Do not suicide/leave to avoid playing as an SCP/Zombie.
<b>[9]<b> Do not try to loophole any rules
<b>[10]<b> Ignorance is NOT an excuse. It is assumed that you have read these rules before interacting with our server.

If you require assistance please feel free to join our discord or contact us via our email ([email protected])