Welcome to the Disaster Den SCP server!

Friendly Fire is on!
Nuke cannot be activated for first 450 seconds.
Intercom time is 30 seconds with a 120 second cooldown.
This server is located in Los Angeles.

ClassD Health is 100 | Scientist Health is 100 | Chaos Health is 130 | NTF Commander Health is 150 | NTF Scientist Health is 125
NTF Lieutenant Health is 120 | NTF Cadet Health is 110 | NTF Guard Health is 110 | SCP173 Health is 4000
SCP106 Health is 750 | SCP049 Health is 2200 | SCP096 Health is 3200 | SCP0492 Health is 300 | SCP939 Health is 2800

SCP 939 has a 'rage' feature that increases his speed when being shot at.
SCP 939 and 049 have special regen effects, SCP 939 regens health on kills and 049 regens by being around zombies!
SCP 049 Can talk! Use the the same bound for 939 speech with him to check it out.
914 Has custom settings for roles on coarse and rough, try it out!
We have custom loadouts for classes.
Autonuke time is 25 minutes, after that the nuke cannot be disabled and is activated.
We have chopper drops, the helicopter will drop a supply drop in NTF area on surface containing supplies every 12 minutes.
Chaos and SCP may not win together on this server.

SCP Swap has been added.

To swap to an SCP you simply press ` on the keyboard to open the console. Then, you type .scpswap (SCP).
Example: .scpswap 049 would swap you to 049.
If that SCP is not currently taken, it will swap you automatically. If the SCP is taken, then the server will send a request to the player you would like to swap with. At that point, if they agree to swap they can type ".scpswap yes". If they do not agree to swap then they can type ".scpswap no".
You can only do this at the beginning of the round so make sure you swap quickly.
You can only swap to an SCP if you already are a SCP. Human classes cannot swap to a SCP.
You can type .scplist to see which scps are on your team!

<b>Check out Disaster Den Gaming by heading on over to discord.gg/ddengaming

1. Do not hack/cheat.
2. Do not deliberately teamkill or bleed players, crossfire and self-defense are fine.
3. Do not intentionally delay the round by not contributing.
4. Follow the guidelines regarding cross-teaming.
5. Follow the guidelines regarding mic usage in-game.
6. D-Class Personnel may teamkill other D-Class in light containment before Chaos arrives.
7. Do not instigate teamkilling by intentionally shooting near teammate, coaxing other players to teamkill or repeatedly closing doors on teammates.
8. Do not use exploits that can put you outside of the map/playable area. (This includes the SCP 106 portal in the elevator.)
9. If a player is AFK for more than 20 seconds at the beginning of a spawn, they may be teamkilled freely.
10. Admins say is Final (Judgement is person-to-person so please don't come complaining to me or any other admin that “someone said you could”.)response.

Guidelines for mic usage in-game
- Do not spam your microphone. (This includes music/videos over the NTF radio, Dead chat, or in SCP chat otherwise in game/the intercom is fine.)
- Do not ear-rape over your microphone. (This includes in Dead chat, SCP chat and intercom.)
- Do not express racist/anti-semitic views or slurs over the microphone in any way shape or form.
- You will always be warned before being punished for mic-related offenses. (Unless the mic-related offense regards racist/anti-semitic on the official server.)'

Cross-Teaming Guidelines
- Cross teaming is allowed in certain situation that ensures a mutual benefit. (This includes: Being locked in a room together, being chased together, or taking down an enemy threat together.)
- Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each other. (Only against SCPs, they may not team up against NTF or Chaos insurgency.)
- A SCP may show mercy to Scientists or D-Class personnel only. (Though it should not be repeated mercy or mercy that involves following/helping them.)
- Cross Teaming in situations outside of these guidelines will garner you a warning and repeated offenses will garner a temporary ban.