==#[Zynaty Rules]#==

<size=30>JOIN OUR "DISCORD SERVER"</size=40>

<size=17>Note</size=17> FRIENDLY FIRE is only on so SCP035 causes autoban for friendly fire and it has made people upset in the past.

1. <size=20>No Bullying</size=20> and <size=20>Toxicity</size=20> to anyone (including staff)

2. You Can Team. BUT on purposely making the round longer will result in a penalty.

3. No Spamming Mic As It Gets Loud And is Rude Towards People Who Want To Speak.

4. Listen to Moderators and Admins.

5. Invite You're Friends, Keep The Server Alive and Busting The Nut<b>

6. <size=20>If You Get Stuck Report to <b>ADMINS/OWNERS/MODERATORS</size=20>

Q. how do I report to you guys?

7. <size=20>Have Fun, D-Class.</size=20> <size=25>LIGHTS OUT.</size=25>