No Rules SCP

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Contact us on discord :)
Ana Amari#0001 - Owner
Aeve#0001 - Co-Owner
Bremsstrahlung#3191 - Co-Owner

Or double click the link to join our discord server: <color=red>https://discord.gg/norulesoce

If the link above doesn't work, try this link:<color=orange> https://discord.gg/xmUeuHzxMs

Community Guideline:
We try to give the players as much freedom as possible, but we still have to comply with the </color>EULA, and because of this:

{1.} Hacking is strictly prohibited - If you get caught you will be <color=#9F711B>PERMANENTLY BANNED. If you are banned, you will have no chance for appeal.

We also try to maintain a fun environment for all of the players, and:

{2.} Teamkilling is allowed under certain circumstances: Accidents, banter, assisted suicide, etc.
For fairness sake, people who accidently teamkilled other player will be send to heaven to apologise to the dead ;)

Deliberate killing with the aim of sabotage will be first KICKED as a WARNING, then you will be added to the SHITTER ROLE.

Some examples include: Tking people because they killed you previously when you are in a hostile faction (revenge), teamkilling for no reason (sabotage), etc. In general, don't be an arse and you will be fine :D. If you are added to the SHITTER role, you will have a taste of your own medicine from the rest of the community ;)

{3.} You are encouraged to interact with other players in a lore friendly manner, i.e: Scientists are technically on team MTF and could be hostile to D bois; Hostile SCPs would kill people, etc.
The way the game is played is up to you though and teaming between friendly factions or enemy factions are allowed, but please don't stall the game and end it when you are the last remaining members of an enemy faction - commit assisted suicide, or the admin might force your hand ;)

{4.} Mic Spamming is allowed - If you feel annoyed, just mute the player mic-spamming which can be done by pressing "n" and clicking on the sound icon.

{5.} Don't be an arse!

{6.} Please remember that the staff are players too, and don't nag them for items or upgrades that works to your advantages. :o

{7.} Have fun :)

We like to remain hands off for as long as possible to maintain freedom, please try your best to maintain the peace and solve quarrels between yourselves first.

If there is issue that you cannot resolve yourselves, like repeat offenders who violate the previous agreements, report them to staff and they will be dealt with ASAP.