The name says it all! (No guaranty that there are submissive femboy furries.)
I am not liable for death, dismemberment, or loss of consciousness.
Remember our motto! "Fembois are love, fembois are life."

1: No racism, sexism, or any discrimination. ESPECIALLY AGAINST FURRIES AND FEMBOIS!
2: Common sense, of course.
3: No loud sound boards. (Music is allowed.)
4: KOS is aloud. (Because chaos is fun.)

4.1: However, do not KOS cuffed D-Class or Scientists unless they are not compliant.
5: Do not impersonate staff.
5.1: Abide by staff commands. (Unless its clearly satire or a joke.)
6: We promise to keep the admin abuse tolerable.
7: No cheating, duh.
8: No slurs of any kind.
9: I ran out of rules so... 9.

THIS SERVER IS MODDED! The following plugins are:
Better Coin Flips (Makes coins do random stuff when used.)
SCP-035 (Adds SCP-035 to the game as a disguised object.)
Serpents Hand (Adds Serpents Hand to the game.)
Admin Tools (For admins >:3)

We'll occasionally host events.
The winners of these events will get a custom Femboy badge and color of their choice.
Or, maybe, just have dumb fun.