Welcome to Nuke Club
Make sure to join our discord [HERE]

Server Rules
1. Racial Slurs, Sexist, and Homophobic terms/phrases are NOT tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.
2. Do not kill cuffed personnel under any circumstance.
4. No camping for long periods of the time, do not hold up the game for everyone else.
5. Do not kill yourself.
6. No minimodding, let staff handle rulebreak situations.
7. Do not close doors on teammates. (airlocks do not count)
Use the following for teaming rules,
- Chaos may team with scps
- Scps may show mercy to D-class and scientists only
10. Only donators can use soundboards.
11. Guards cannot kill D-class in light containment zone before the first spawn wave.
12. Finding and using loopholes for any of these rules will result in a punishment.
13. The admin's verdict is FINAL, Period.
14. Do not be overly toxic to admins and other players.