Larry's Lawn

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We are a heavily modded community. Gameplay is significantly changed.


1a. Soundboards are allowed in proximity chat and intercom only.

1b. Do not play loud music/sound effects with soundboards.

2. Do not intentionally suicide as an SCP.

3. Do not be racist. This includes saying any racial slurs.

4a. You are not allowed to kill D-Class in LCZ until the first wave of MTF or CI unless it is in self-defense.

4b. The only exception to this is Scientists.

5. The only teams allowed to team with SCPs is D-Class or CI however teaming between the two teams is completely optional and is up to the SCP.

6. Do not kill anyone that is cuffed/detained unless the are not complying.

Teaming with a team outside your faction (ex; CI and Scientist) is not allowed.

Staff have final say.

<color=#858585> You are not allowed to harass anyone on the server.