Welcome to Cheese Land Server!
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There are No Plugins on This Server Right now
It will Be added in The Future
This is New Server

<color=yellow>Cheese1092#7087 - OWNER Discord

1 No hacking
2 No being Toxic

3 No Stalling the Round if your the last one Alive

4 No advertisements

5 No Closing Door's on your own Teammates
6 No Being Racist or mean to Other players

7 U can Use Soundboard / Voice Changer but if someone askes you to stop u stop using it / Mod or player

if they Don't stop using it Report the Player in Discord Server with Proof of Video and there Username

8 No Playing Music in Spectator Chat and Radio Chat
U can play it when Match Starts
[if u don't like their music just Press N to mute them]