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THIS IS THE WHITELISTED SERVER - Check the Lars' Lab discord for info on how to join

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Server Rules

<size=12>1. This server is a content creator's server, therefore any slurs, such as the N-word or the F-slur are not permitted on this server. This is to protect players from toxicity and bigotry. Punishments will be harsher than on most servers.

2. Harassment is a punishable offence. Conduct that falls under harassment is: repeated insulting of a certain player, following a player around just to kill them and other situations where players try to worsen a single player's experience on the server.

3. Impersonation of server staff, Northwood staff or content creators is disallowed.

4. KOS is allowed, however killing cuffed personnel is against our rules.

5. Micspam is not allowed on the server. Soundboards may not be used in global chats (SCP chat, Intercom, spectator chat, etc).

6. Discussion of doing and/or performing illegal activities or cheating will result in a immediate suspension.

7. Teaming is allowed on the server, providing it doesn't stall the round (e.g. an SCP and a human camping in warhead to stop the round from ending is not allowed)