<align=center>Welcome to Secured Contained Paradise

We are a safespace for everyone in this community and will NOT tolerate derogatory language/actions that target people. Including sexism, anti-lgbt speech, racism and etc. They WILL be met and dealt with severely.

Our Discord!: →Double Click Here←

Steiner's Steam account: →Double Click Here←



We have a 0 tolerance for cheating, anyone seen using any hacks, cheats, bugs or exploits to their advantage will be instantly and permanently banned without warning

No disrespecting the staff, or other members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and etc. Anyone violating the rules or causing unnecessary distress may adhere to consequences and punishments.



Chopper drop - Every 10 minutes, an NTF helicopter will fly down to the NTF spawn to deliver items to help such as guns, ammo, medical supplies and a containment engineer card!

Lone 079 - If there is an SCP-079 in the round, upon recontainment via all other SCPs being contained, NOT the warhead or generator protocol, he will be respawned as a completely random SCP, and spawn in 939's chamber. Ooh!

Remote Keycard - Hate equipping your card to use it? We do too! Well here, you don't have to! All your clearance is added up via all keycards you have, and you simply interact with a door as if you have the keycard in your hand! (clearance levels add up but do not combine, what this means is that having a scientist card and a guard card will not pass you the euclid and checkpoint check on SCP pedestals)

SCP-008 - Zombies are unarguably useless and boring, with this plugin however, getting slapped by a zombie infects you with SCP-008, and your health will be periodically drained! Using a medkit has a chance to cure it, using SCP-500 will certainly cure it, dying whilst infected turns you into a zombie! And now, go forth and join the army of the undead!

Stalky 106 - Larry is arguably, actually quite vulnerable, unless you plant your sinkhole at your chamber, leaving and grabbing a bunch of people is risky as they could escape and recontain you via femur breaker. However with this, Larry can take a more aggressive approach. By double clicking the "create sinkhole" button, Larry will sink down into the ground and emerge under a randomly chosen player. Groovy!