Welcome to Come Have a Good Time!

If you are having issues by trying to join the server, please contact the owner from the Discord below

- Click Here For Discord Server!
- Non-clickable link-> https://discord.gg/YqYJmKN
While it is a server where you come to have fun, we still have rules. So please read them and don't break them.
This is your one and only warning. Breaking these rules can result in a warning, kick, or ban from the server

0. Should behavior that is not listed in this ruleset be deemed inappropriate or a detriment to this server, action may be taken freely, regardless of what the rules say.
# This rule HAS PRECEDENCE over ALL other rules!

1. Friendly Fire
# AKA TeamKilling
* It is considered Teamkilling if...
I. You do it directly with a Gun and/or Grenade.
II. You team up to kill your teammates.
III. You kill a compliance cuffed person (Ex. An MTF kills a obeying cuffed ClassD).
IV. You shut doors on your teammate when they are being attacked by an enemy.
* It is not considered Teamkilling if...
I. A person if asked to be TKed.
II. A ClassD kills another ClassD.
III. A person stole an item of yours in SCP-914 (Only in SCP-914)
IV. You accidentally kill a teammate in crossfire.

2. No Cross-Teaming
* Classes that are allowed to team up...
I. ClassDs & Scientists (But neutral till one of them is cuffed and escapes as the team they were cuffed by)
II. ClassDs\Chaos Insurgency & SCPs

3. No IRL threats toward players or the server

4. Don't use overly offensive language, such as homophobia, sexism, and racism.

5. Listen to staff
# If there is an abusive staff member, contact management with proof.

6. Don't request roles, items or respawn.

7. No Hacking
# Using a Client that uses an unfair advantage will result in a ban from the server and the game as well.

8. Do not ignore staff when they are issuing a warning</color>

9. Don't excessively spam music, sounds, etc over intercom, voice chat and death chat.
# (Excessively)

That's all, we hope you have a "good time" on our server! (get it? yeah... I'll shut up now) And remember to join our discord by clicking here!
You can also see the punishments for the rules there. Have fun!

* Staff Warning Policy

001. Staff Interpret the rules and give punishment based on the severity of each case.

002. Staff can give a VERBAL WARNING in cases that are just very minor.
Staff can give 1 Warning if they deem necessary.
Staff can give 2 Warnings in Severe Cases.
Staff can issue a Temp Kick or Perm Ban if the situation calls for it.

003. TEAMKILL will result in 1 warning, but Mass Teamkill will result in 2 Warnings and a temporary kick.
# Teamkill that is constant and continues will result in a ban.

004. Intercom mutes, and mutes will occur if staff members deem it necessary (Rule 8)(Go to discord and contact a staff member if you wish to appeal)

[What are the 914 settings?](DroppedandHeld, The item you hold will be upgraded)

[What are pocket dimension settings?](The exits refresh when someone escapes, 2 exits and when you escape, you get sent to a random room in heavy containment)