The Hallowed SCP RULES
By playing this server you agree to it's rules.
Also, here is our Discord!

1. No toxicity of any kind will be tolerated.
a. (Racial, homophobic, or transphobic slurs are met with immediate punishment)
b. (Swearing is okay on occasions, as long as nobody gets offended and you don't use it excessively.)
c. (Mic spamming is not allowed on SCP, Radio, Intercom, or Spectator. You will be muted.)

2. Teaming is allowed, however, you may not.
a. (Hold up the round.)
b. (Bodyblock bullets to protect your "teammate".)
c. (Close doors on your teammates to prevent your teammates from getting to the enemy.)

3. Do not sabotage your team.
a. (SCP-079 cannot trigger tesla gates on other SCP's.)
b. (You may not close elevators on teammates while the nuke is activated.)

4. Do not make false / empty claims on reports against players or staff.
a. (Any reports are highly recommended to have some sort of evidence / video.)
b. (Constant false claims are met with punishment.)

5. In the case friendly-fire is ever turned on, you can not.
a. (Purposely kill your teammates.)
b. (Crossfire is tolerated if not excessive.)
c. (Throw grenades in elevators full of your teammates.)
d-1. (Intentional or not, you will be banned for 15 minutes unless the victim submits evidence of it being intentional.)
d-2. (If the victim does submit evidence of it being intentional it will be extended to what seems necessary.)

6. You may not kill yourself or leave to avoid being a class you don't like.
a. (You will be respawned and warned if you kill yourself as 049-2.)
b. (Obviously it's okay if you have to go.)
c. ( We have SCP-SWAP, just press ` and type ".scpswap (###)")

7. No killing detained and/or compliant Class-D and Scientists.
a. (All your doing is making everyone mad.)
b. (Doesn't matter if the person previously killed you.)
c. (For the people who don't know, hold E to cuff people.)
d. (No KOSing Class-D or Scientists either)

8. Do not disrespect staff.
a. (All we want to do is help, most of us anyway.)
b. (We all have feelings too.)

a. (Pictures do not count as evidence.)
b. (Witnesses, do not count as evidence.)
c-1. (It's highly recommended to submit VIDEOS as fast as possible.)
c-2. (This makes the process significantly easier & faster.)
d. (Do not be afraid to report staff members, we treat everyone equal with no biases.)