Cranberry Juice SCP Server
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1. Common Courtesy - This means no racism, sexism, harassment, bullying, etc.
2. Micspamming - Micspamming in spectator, pre-round lobby, over the intercom, or playing loud noises in general will result in warnings and an eventual ban.
3. No Advertising.
4. No Admin Abuse - Admin abusing will be taken very seriously and appropriate action will be taken depending on the severity.
5. Hacking/Exploiting is strictly prohibited - No exceptions, an immediate ban will occur.
6. No targeted/mass teamkilling.
7. No intentionally stalling the round.
8. No disrespecting or mocking/impersonating admins. (Punishment will differ on admin's discretion)
9. No submitting false/obnoxious reports through the in-game report system. These reports are logged, thoroughly monitored, and should be taken seriously.
10. No encouraging others to break the rules above.

Report rule breakers in the Discord under #help or through the ingame report system