[US East] Sakuga Servers Info

Join Our Discord: discord.gg/kpDPNrk7d3

Server Rules
1. Common Courtesy - This means no racism, sexism, harassment, bullying, etc.
2. Micspamming - Micspamming in spectator, pre-round lobby, over the intercom, or playing loud noises in general will result in warnings and an eventual ban.
3. No Advertising.
4. No Admin Abuse - Admin abusing will be taken very seriously and appropriate action will be taken depending on the severity.
5. Hacking/Exploiting is strictly prohibited - No exceptions, an immediate ban will occur.
6. No targeted/mass teamkilling.
7. No intentionally stalling the round.
8. No disrespecting or mocking/impersonating admins. (Punishment will differ on admin's discretion)
9. No submitting false/obnoxious reports through the in-game report system. These reports are logged, thoroughly monitored, and should be taken seriously.
10. No encouraging others to break the rules above.<br>
NOTE: Although it is not always recommended, you are able to teamkill somebody if they are breaking server rules, specifically attempting to teamkill you or others without reason, harassing people, micspamming, etc. Generally, it's fine as long as it isn't mass or targeted teamkilling on your part.<br>
Report rule breakers in the Discord server under #help or through the ingame report system.