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나마서버에 오신것을 환영합니다!

1.game play

Improper nicknames can lead to punishment.

Johnber is five minutes long.

1-1:Using language

When using a voice in a game
abusive language, slander, etc against a person
Please refrain from speaking.
It can hurt others.
(Non-official Language)
Also, playing music through voice or broadcasting can hurt others.
If you continue when others don't like it,
It may face sanctions.

1-2:Troll Behavior

trawling action
If caught, at the discretion of the manager,
You can be kicked out or kicked out.
(Exception case)
If the person who started the trawl act said,
You're not used to this game.
If you're a beginner,
Please be generous.
If you do it often, you can be sanctioned.


So far I've never seen anyone dating at Nama Server. 10 thousands
If you are a friend, please don't hurt other people.
"Do you remember me? I know, @@ and so on.


Chaos and SCPs are possible when there is a prisoner, but be careful because you don't know when you'll betray.


Arrest and murder are prohibited.
It may be unfair.
If you make an arrest, I want you to make an escape.
If you shoot within a minute of arrest, you will be punished.
He accidentally fired and killed the enemy while fighting them.

2-2: Massacre and Murder

Murder is now possible.

You may not be authorized for murder.
But if a prisoner or scientist can't run away, killing or killing him can't see any benefit.
If there's a prisoner or a scientist who killed him,
The last survivor may face sanctions.
In the event of a revolt, we can shoot you.

3.SCP & Other

3-1: When using nuclear weapons,

If anyone on the server is suspected to be a nuclear user, call the manager!
Or put it on the disc signboard.
Permanent Ben in the use of nuclear weapons.


All SCPs cannot commit suicide.
If you made a mistake, apologize to the other SCPs.
If you die on purpose or just pass by without killing the manager or someone you know,
You could face sanctions.

If 079 is a novice,
79 can't be done. What are you doing?
Please refrain from saying that.
If 79 is a novice,
I'd appreciate it if you could teach me as much as possible.

3-3:Table stacking

Do not stack bullets on your tablet.
You can be sanctioned for stacking bullets on your tablet.

4-1 snake hands
The hand of a snake can be taught to anyone.