General Rules
Hate Speech (Including but not limited to: Racism, Sexism and being homophobic) will not be tolerated. (This includes jokes)
Ear Rape (Playing load music or noises down the microphone or over the intercoms) will not be tolerated.
This server is English speaking server no other languages.
No Hacking or Cheating
Do Not disrespect Staff Members
No inappropriate or offensive usernames.
Game Rules
No indirect Team Killing (Closing door on teammates while running away from the opposition)
No purposely prolonging the match.
No killing disarmed/cuffed persons unless they disobey orders.
NTF, Facility Guards and Scientists are not allowed to team with any of the SCP's or the Chaos Insurgency. (The Serpent's Hands job is to kill all other factions excluding SCP's).
D-Class are allowed to team with the Chaos Insurgency and the SCPs.

Not Obeying to these rules will result in a Kick or a Ban depending on the rule broken.

Make sure to join the discord to keep up to date with news and updates:

These Rules can change so check back frequently.