Welcome to (Almost) Anarchy!
friendly fire is ON!
Don't join this server if you are a kid, if you are overly sensitive, or can't handle people being toxic to you (especially if you are toxic to others)! If you want to throw a punch, you better be ready to take a punch!
You WILL be teamkilled, you WILL be trash talked, expect constant micspam, earrape, and other bad behavior!

no rules except;
#1: (the most important rule!) Don't Ddos/crash/lag, or harm the server in any way!!! Expect a perma ban if you do this!
#2 (arguably the most important rule) Don't harass/bully/mistreat/etc kids, if any happen to join the server. perma ban if do
numero tree: Don't cheat/hack/etc. It can be funny, but doing it cuz you suck/need 2 win, and/or are unfunny is lame! perma ban?
numbah thor: Don't abuse exploits/glitches/etc (2 much, it's ok to do a little trolling every now and again!)
numbah thive: Don't dox people
noombur sigs: Don't pretend to be an admin/server owner/etc

You should have a good idea of what not to do by now!
The server owner/mods/etc reserve the right to kick/ban people for any reason we want, and to manage the server as we see fit!
feel free to do anything and everything else you want to!

Do you Want to teamkill? go ahead! How about mass team killing? sure!
Do you want to participate in teaming, and other silly shenanigans? eat your heart out!
Do you want to delay the round or camp? Try it! If people can't kill you, it's clearly just a massive skill issue on their part!
Do you want to constantly micspam or earrape? hell yeah!
Do you want to debate politics and discuss other sensitive topics? HELL YEAH!!!

If this all sounds good to you, how about you join the sever? maybe even favorite it?
Anyways, I, crappykrabermain am the server owner! I hope you enjoy the toxicity, the vibes, and pwning the n00bz!
https://discord.gg/CufypCwpm5 permanent discord server invite link
discord server rules, don't give me any reason to ban you (I will ban you)

significant server config changes/settings;
2* grenade damage, ff on, 3 minute afk time, intercom 1 sec cooldown/9999 s speech time, 914_mode: DroppedAndHeld, sinkhole_spawn_chance: 66, 70 s warhead timer, 3 pocket dim exits + refresh, no spawn protection, unlimited chain grenades, 60 tickrate, 20 player slots, reserved slots enabled (idk how many reserved slots there are, and/or if reserved slots add or take from the normal player slot count), no ff kick.

mtf min-max time to spawn = 120-240 (faster then normal)
mtf/ci spawn amount = 10 (5 less then normal)
3* starting mtf/ci spawn tickets, actions that give tickets should give double. Additionally, scp's can be "hurt" (an event that gives tickets based on hp loss) 5 times instead of 4.

Anyways that's if I understood and used the config correctly, and it all works. I did try to make everyone spawn with and hold a max of 2* ammo, and be able to hold 8 of any item in the config settings for that, but it didn't seem to do anything.

if I can figure out how to install plugins, I will probably add a bunch of them!