Site-47 #2




Hi welcome to Site-47!
We are a server with a great community, We try to prevent toxic players and there is always staff online!
No one online? Just join the discord and ask someone to join!
We have 2 servers atm. Sometimes 1 server is down for updating plugins etc, This is server 2 in this server we have lots of plugins you can see more information about plugins all the way down this information thing.
Any questions? Join the discord or dm me ScuutScuutLucas#4079 and you will have a answer in 1 - 5 hours.

Server settings and plugins

- Friendly fire - On
- 914 settings - You can hold your keycard or have something in your inventory. You can also trow coins into 914 and then they will turn into random things, Also there is role changing, but you have to figure that out yourself :)
- Assist infection - 049 will have a countdown on his screen for how long he can revive someone after he kills him.
- SCPs talk - all SCPs can talk this gives the game a weird twist.
- TrowItems - If you drop a item it comes out of your pp (dont ask me why).
- Better sinkholes - If you stand on the big sinkhole in light containmentzone you can fall into it and you wil get tpd to pocket dimension
- Wait and Chill - Before the game begins you will be spawned as tutorial in a box, so you dont have to look at a black screen.
- Buddy - You can do .buddy (name) in local console and buddy up
- CHOPPER DROPS - every 10 minutes the MTF chopper will drop items at the MTF spawn.
- Grenade run - Sometimes we do a event and then you have to run and grenade will fall on your head
- PFE - Peanut will explode on dead
- SCP-575 - They lights can randomly got off teslas will also get disabled then.
- Facility and teslas - Facility guards dont trigger tesla gates.
- Health Kill - SCPs get health on kill. (not 096)
- Remote keycard - You dont have to hold a keycard to open a door.
- SCP008X - If a zombie hits you you have a chance to be turned into a zombie.
- SCP-999 - A weird russian plugin where i dont know from what it does.
- SCPswap - If you are a SCP you can swap with another SCP.
- SpwanBroadCast - On spawn there will be showing a broadcast on your screen what you are.
- Stalky 106 - 106 can teleport to players but only when hes in the same zone (a bit OP but it gives the game a good twist)
- Custom health - Custom health: Zombies = 400 hp, SCP-173 = 3000 hp, NTF commanders = 140 hp.
and much more! check the server for more features!



1. Don't ruin other player's game experience.
2. Always listen to staff members.
3. No Mic spam / Earape.
4. Don't play Music / use soundboard in spectator or at the intercom.
5. Use common sense.
6. No Discrimination.
7. Don't
8. Only talk English don't speak other languages.
9. No impersonation, Don't act like you are a staff member.
10. No ban/mute evading, Don't use alts to evade a mute or a ban, if we see you breaking this rule you will be PERM-IP banned.
11. Don't use hack clients, any way of unfair advantage will be punished
12. No chargebacks if you chargeback your money you will be banned
13. Don't abuse friendly fire, Just don't shoot everyone.

14. No human - SCP Teaming, Only Choas can team with SCPs