Peanut Mania Discord Server

General Rules
1. Respect All Players: Treat everyone with respect and avoid offensive or discriminatory language. Harassment, bullying, and personal attacks will not be tolerated.
2. No Cheating or Exploiting: Using cheats, hacks, or exploiting game bugs for an unfair advantage is strictly prohibited. Report any bugs or exploits to the server staff.
3. No Griefing or Team Killing: Intentionally sabotaging your team or killing teammates is not allowed. Play cooperatively with your team.
4. Follow Roleplay Guidelines: Adhere to the roleplay rules appropriate for your character's role. Breaking character or role for the purpose of trolling or disrupting gameplay is not permitted.
5. No Advertising or Spam: Do not advertise other servers, websites, or products. Avoid spamming the chat with repeated messages or irrelevant content.

Roleplay Etiquette:

>Class-D and Scientists: Work towards escaping the facility while avoiding SCPs and guards.
>Facility Guards and MTF Units: Protect the facility, contain SCPs, and assist scientists in escaping.
>SCPs: Eliminate all human players except Chaos Insurgency members.
>Chaos Insurgency: Free the Class-D and neutralize Facility Guards and MTF Units.

Mic and Chat Usage:

1. Use voice and text chat appropriately. Avoid excessive shouting or unnecessary noise.
2. Do not use in-game communication to give away important information if you are dead (ghosting).

Fair Play:

1.Do not camp in spawn areas or other locations to avoid gameplay objectives.
2.Avoid deliberate delay of the game by refusing to participate in the objectives.
Server Conduct
3.Respect Staff Decisions: The decisions made by server staff and moderators are final. If you have a dispute, bring it up respectfully through the appropriate channels.
4.Reporting Issues: If you encounter a problem, report it to the server staff with as much detail as possible.
5.No Impersonation: Do not impersonate server staff or other players.
6.Appropriate Usernames: Use usernames that are not offensive or inappropriate. Names should not impersonate famous individuals or server staff.

Additional Rules

1.Content Guidelines: Avoid discussing inappropriate, sensitive, or controversial topics in-game.
2.No Doxxing: Sharing personal information about other players without their consent is strictly prohibited.
3.Language: Use English in public chat and voice channels to ensure everyone can understand. Private conversations can be in any language.
>Warnings: Minor infractions may result in warnings from staff.
>Temporary Bans: Repeated or severe violations may result in temporary bans from the server.
>Permanent Bans: Continued disregard for the rules or serious breaches of conduct may lead to a permanent ban.
>Ban Appeals: If you believe you have been unfairly banned, you can appeal through the designated server forum or contact method. >Provide all relevant information and evidence in your appeal.
>By following these rules, we can maintain a fun and fair environment for all players. Enjoy your time on the server!